Belonging to and attending a local church is not a duty or something we do to impress God. Increasingly, it is a ‘lifestyle choice’! We choose to set aside a few hours from busy, hectic, frantic, thoughtless lives to come into the presence of God to make sense of the lives we live.

The place to do this is with the God who made and loves us and with the people who are making that very same choice.

Making ourselves conscious of being in the presence of God in the ‘body of Christ’ refocuses us on what is important in life and takes us off the treadmill of life long enough to gain a Godly perspective to the lives we are living in Christ’s name!

So, make a ‘lifestyle choice’ for yourself and those you love and care for!

Daily Prayer

‘Seven days without prayer makes one weak

Recent contribution to The Advertiser

‘Well, if I was doing it I wouldn’t do it that way!’

Surely, one of the most irritating and annoying things to hear when you are in the middle of an awful job. It can’t help and is often just lack of thought.

How foolish must we be in God’s sight?! We live as if sending his only Son, Jesus Christ, to live with us, show us how to live, to take the rap for our sins and to forge the sure way to heaven were irrelevant to us, insignificant in our lives or just not very interesting and entertaining.

‘Well, if I was saving the world, I wouldn’t do it that way!’ How he must weep!

– Revd Mark Worthington